Sometimes it’s hard to find material goods to satisfy your sadness AND be within your price range.

Male thot college major: business

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I need to get in to the habit of praying right after athaan. These two hour delays are unacceptable.


I still look out of ur league

"I’d really like to give that booty a pounding."
"Ew why would you mention girls farting? That’s nasty."
Chicks only have buttholes when dudes need them, apparently.


Ezra Koenigs golden rules for life

  • 1: always carry sunglasses
  • 2: do your emails while you drink coffee
  • 3: disable text preview
  • 4: respect all faiths
  • 5: eat healthy by yourself
  • 6: never wear flip-flops in public
  • 7: learn how to say, ''i understand every word you're saying, motherfucker'' in multiple languages.
  • 8: take a shower
  • 9: it's better to underdress than overdress
  • 10: don't worry about manners too much
  • ~ Q magazine


don’t send me snapchats from something i wasn’t invited to you rude ass bitch

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On the plus side I’m able to rep more with weights I struggled with after fixing my form on certain exercises, and also working out puts me to sleep earlier due to being tired. Huge plus.